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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Communication skill workshop for students from rural background

One of the major challenges faced by the youth of India is the quality of education in remote areas. We decided to counter this problem as part of our social initiatives. Therefore, as a pilot project we decided to conduct a set of training sessions (total 25 hours) in communication skills for students from the very remote villages around Bangarpet Taluk in the State of Karnataka. These students, numbering 7-12 in a class, would have studied in the local language and hence, lack fluency in English.The training aims to equip them with basic written and verbal communication in English, particularly to face typical scenarios such as resume-writing, interviews and group discussions. Classes will be held in the Govt lower primary school, Indranagar village, Bangarpet Taluk, Kolar Dist. Karanataka. The first session held on 31-07-2011 received a very good response and some teachers too showed interest in receiving training, in order to be able to teach their students better. 
Communication Skills Workshop - Session 1 with Bhumika Anand - Identifying the needs and deciding on the most suitable training modules.  Thanks to Bhumika Anand ( an expert in the field of training / communication skills, a passionate being to help someone in need) for the invaluable participation and support in structuring and conducting this session and sessions to come.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

School Visit - Govt Lower Primary School, Nagasandra, Bangalore

It was a warm and sultry day, but we had our spirits intact as we walked into the government lower primary school in Nagasandra. From what we gathered the school was just one withering building with two classrooms. But the impoverished conditions of the school didn’t deter the smiles and cheers we were welcomed with when we entered the classroom.

Our aim as we walked into the classroom filled with about forty tiny tots was to give them one day of joy. Without wasting much time, we got into our job. First was a crafts workshop conducted by our volunteer for the day Somava Mandal. They were divided into groups of 5 and were taught easy ways to make  multicolored greeting cards using color papers. This was the first time that the they were working  with color papers and they turned out to be quick learners.

At the end of the hour each group had come up with a unique and colorful greeting card, which were all put up together in the class room.

This was followed by stationary distribution. Each student was given books, pencil boxes and crayons. The surprise and the smile that the gifts brought to the faces of the children was unfathomable; It would add a dash of fun to their summer holidays, it seemed to indicate.

 Tired from all the activity through the morning, the children were then treated to some sumptuous snacks. The event ended with a lot of cheer and joy and not to forget a group photograph.

Volunteer Testimonial : This was an overwhelming experience. To see their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn was heartwarming. I am looking forward to working with underprivileged children more often- Somava Mandal

Saturday, March 19, 2011

School Theater

School Theater is an initiative to expose children to various aspects of life and not to be limited with the school books alone. In this initiative we conduct activities that help children gain more awarenss of the world around them from different perspectives.

School Theater - Our screen is small,
but we have great fun and learning

The first school theater experience was introduced to school children with the screening of the animated movie "Babmi" narrating a wonderful story of life in the woods, the movie is thought provoking and helps children understand how life in the forest is for the animals.

"Bambi" and Kids

This is a continuous and ongoing initiatives in the schools as and when time permits. Any more ideas are welcome, please email them to

School Visit - Govt Lower Primary School, Shivaji Nagar, Bangarpet

Approaching summer was already making its strong presence felt when we visited this school with only 16 students.

Hands Stretch

We started our interaction with children as we distributed learning materials and suddenly the
kids came up with the idea to play with some clay - modelling it, the teachers agreed and the kids came up with wonderful creative ideas.

Hot sun, wet clay, feels good to mould wet clay

The kids were very enthusiastic and were exceptional in arts and creative activities, they sang, danced and spread cheer.

We all felt ecstatic in the liveliness of music, dance and creative expressions of the students.
On the way back on the lonely road to this school we were thinking that in the next drive if we can bring more innovative and interesting learning material to the schools, the kids there will work wonders out of it.

The lonely road to this school treaded
by these two angel heart teachers every day

How you can help:

We are in need of educational material like simple puzzle boards, play-dough boxes, rubic cubes and toys of this kind. Any contribution towards this is welcome.

School children uniform and clothes drive - An appeal

At the end of this academic year in April 2011 we plan to conduct a uniform drive to provide at least 1 set of uniform clothes to children in government schools. It would be great if we could extend this to a pair of casuals as well. Most of the children schools don’t have more than 2 pairs of clothes.

We need your support and contribution towards this activity.

Feel free to contact us at if any of this project interests you.

Orphanage Visit

Our volunteer Mythra.T took on the task to visit “Home of Hope”, an orphanage run by New Ark Mission in Bangalore. It is a place, which has housed many destitute children and is constantly growing. They authorities struggle to fulfill the daily needs of the aged, like groceries, clothing, medicines etc. We offered 125 KGS of rice towards the food needs and plan to offer medical support in the near future.

Once back from the visit we received a heartfelt e-mail from them. Here is an except:

"Received with thanks 125kgs of rice which can feed the dying and poor living here for at least a month."

Sincere thanks to our volunteer Mythra, for taking up this activity, and for spending time with the people there.

People interested to visit this foundation or contribute towards it can read more here:

Visit to Govt. Lower primary school Reddyhalli Bangarpet

A Few days later we travelled through the bumpy roads to the remote village of Reddyhalli.

The government lower primary school there has about 31 students. They too like the students in Indiranagar came from economically weak backgrounds.

Lower primary school Reddyhalli

We soon started distributing learning materials like colors, books, writing pads, stationary items, sports items etc to the students; and their faces brightened with gleaming smiles.

Gearing up for competition

Their joy was infectious, we soqn saw ourselves participating in their activities, while having a whole lot of fun. We then gave them the task of creating a model of their village. And we were pleasantly surprised with what they came up with.

Our village, our life

We also joined them in creating learning materials like number dices, play cards, coloring cards, alphabets among others.

Learning is so much fun

We learnt from the school authority that the students were not very serious about examinations and its importance. So we decided to conduct a few mock tests in subjects like mathematics just to bring about a sense of seriousness towards the importance of these subjects.

Taken by surprise at the mock test

The day ended on a warm note. We bid goodbye to the students, knowing that we were in a small way, able to make a difference in a day of their lives.

Ending the day with a bunch of smiles

How you can help

You can help them by providing them the following:
• They are in dire need to bookshelves and benches. They are using makeshift shelves.
• Extra pair of uniforms
• Slippers/shoes to wear
• Notebooks and stationary for the coming academic year
You can also volunteer to meet and spend time with these students and conduct workshop in painting, music, crafts etc.
Feel free to contact us at if any of this project interests you.

Visit to Govt. Lower primary school Indranagar, Bangarpet

Our first project was at the Govt. Lower primary school Indranagar, Bangarpet. We realized early on that aids from corporate and NGOs easily reach the govt schools in the cities but it’s to these remote schools towards which helping hands almost never stretch.

This is a small school with 28 students. The students are a part of a small village where most of the families make their living as day laborers and farmers. The school is far from being a favorable environment to learn and grow. Some basic amenities that we take for granted, like benches and shelves, bathrooms and libraries are missing. Though the students come from very poor backgrounds, we soon found out soon, that it has in no way deterred their enthusiasm to learn.

Out of money, but not out of smiles

Shedding their initial shyness they soon geared up to participate in the various competitions that we conducted like painting, sports, quizzes etc. This, we noticed, did boost their confidence and kindled in them a competitive spirit.

Adding colors to their dreams

To our delight, our participation in the school activities encouraged a few dropouts to rejoin as well. The day ended in high s

pirits and the children rejoiced over their achievements and celebrated their success with colors. And we packed up we knew that we were going back with a whole lot of memories and bags full of smiles.

Day filled with colors

How you can help

You can help them by providing them the following:

Extra pair of uniforms

Slippers/shoes to wear

Notebooks and stationary for the coming academic year

You can also volunteer to meet and spend time with these students and conduct workshop in painting, music, crafts etc.
Feel free to contact us at if any of this project interests you.


Making a Start

At the Vedic foundation, we believe that quality education and overall development of children across socio economic classes will truly change the face of the world. In keeping with our mission, we, in our own humble way, are reaching out to underprivileged children and helping them in need. Most of our initiatives involve helping students in govt and unaided schools have a better educational experience. Some of our recent initiatives include providing learning material to school children, funds for improving educational infrastructure, assistance with teaching, supplying food in schools that are not covered by the mid-day meal scheme, giving clothing, slippers and other supplies to the deprived students and helping schools establish good library facilities among others.

We also want our initiatives to spread its wings to involve the underprivileged elderly, helping them live a life of dignity, love and independence. We would like to undertake projects that, for example, will provide the grey citizens with health care assistance, financial support, companionship and basic amenities like food, shelter, clothes etc.

The Right Push

Our efforts take shape with the contributions and support from several people including school teachers, volunteers and other NGOs involved in similar work. Our start has been modest, but we hope and pray that our grit and your support will take these initiatives a long way and that we are able to make a difference in the lives of the deserved.

This blogs will, very modestly, reflect the projects that we have been involved in. But we must add that they can never come close to the real experience of meeting these children and elderly, helping them in need, enjoying their company, and watching them smile.

Feel free to contact us at if any of these projects interests you.