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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Making a Start

At the Vedic foundation, we believe that quality education and overall development of children across socio economic classes will truly change the face of the world. In keeping with our mission, we, in our own humble way, are reaching out to underprivileged children and helping them in need. Most of our initiatives involve helping students in govt and unaided schools have a better educational experience. Some of our recent initiatives include providing learning material to school children, funds for improving educational infrastructure, assistance with teaching, supplying food in schools that are not covered by the mid-day meal scheme, giving clothing, slippers and other supplies to the deprived students and helping schools establish good library facilities among others.

We also want our initiatives to spread its wings to involve the underprivileged elderly, helping them live a life of dignity, love and independence. We would like to undertake projects that, for example, will provide the grey citizens with health care assistance, financial support, companionship and basic amenities like food, shelter, clothes etc.

The Right Push

Our efforts take shape with the contributions and support from several people including school teachers, volunteers and other NGOs involved in similar work. Our start has been modest, but we hope and pray that our grit and your support will take these initiatives a long way and that we are able to make a difference in the lives of the deserved.

This blogs will, very modestly, reflect the projects that we have been involved in. But we must add that they can never come close to the real experience of meeting these children and elderly, helping them in need, enjoying their company, and watching them smile.

Feel free to contact us at if any of these projects interests you.