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Saturday, March 19, 2011

School Visit - Govt Lower Primary School, Shivaji Nagar, Bangarpet

Approaching summer was already making its strong presence felt when we visited this school with only 16 students.

Hands Stretch

We started our interaction with children as we distributed learning materials and suddenly the
kids came up with the idea to play with some clay - modelling it, the teachers agreed and the kids came up with wonderful creative ideas.

Hot sun, wet clay, feels good to mould wet clay

The kids were very enthusiastic and were exceptional in arts and creative activities, they sang, danced and spread cheer.

We all felt ecstatic in the liveliness of music, dance and creative expressions of the students.
On the way back on the lonely road to this school we were thinking that in the next drive if we can bring more innovative and interesting learning material to the schools, the kids there will work wonders out of it.

The lonely road to this school treaded
by these two angel heart teachers every day

How you can help:

We are in need of educational material like simple puzzle boards, play-dough boxes, rubic cubes and toys of this kind. Any contribution towards this is welcome.

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