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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Visit to Govt. Lower primary school Indranagar, Bangarpet

Our first project was at the Govt. Lower primary school Indranagar, Bangarpet. We realized early on that aids from corporate and NGOs easily reach the govt schools in the cities but it’s to these remote schools towards which helping hands almost never stretch.

This is a small school with 28 students. The students are a part of a small village where most of the families make their living as day laborers and farmers. The school is far from being a favorable environment to learn and grow. Some basic amenities that we take for granted, like benches and shelves, bathrooms and libraries are missing. Though the students come from very poor backgrounds, we soon found out soon, that it has in no way deterred their enthusiasm to learn.

Out of money, but not out of smiles

Shedding their initial shyness they soon geared up to participate in the various competitions that we conducted like painting, sports, quizzes etc. This, we noticed, did boost their confidence and kindled in them a competitive spirit.

Adding colors to their dreams

To our delight, our participation in the school activities encouraged a few dropouts to rejoin as well. The day ended in high s

pirits and the children rejoiced over their achievements and celebrated their success with colors. And we packed up we knew that we were going back with a whole lot of memories and bags full of smiles.

Day filled with colors

How you can help

You can help them by providing them the following:

Extra pair of uniforms

Slippers/shoes to wear

Notebooks and stationary for the coming academic year

You can also volunteer to meet and spend time with these students and conduct workshop in painting, music, crafts etc.
Feel free to contact us at if any of this project interests you.