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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Visit to Govt. Lower primary school Reddyhalli Bangarpet

A Few days later we travelled through the bumpy roads to the remote village of Reddyhalli.

The government lower primary school there has about 31 students. They too like the students in Indiranagar came from economically weak backgrounds.

Lower primary school Reddyhalli

We soon started distributing learning materials like colors, books, writing pads, stationary items, sports items etc to the students; and their faces brightened with gleaming smiles.

Gearing up for competition

Their joy was infectious, we soqn saw ourselves participating in their activities, while having a whole lot of fun. We then gave them the task of creating a model of their village. And we were pleasantly surprised with what they came up with.

Our village, our life

We also joined them in creating learning materials like number dices, play cards, coloring cards, alphabets among others.

Learning is so much fun

We learnt from the school authority that the students were not very serious about examinations and its importance. So we decided to conduct a few mock tests in subjects like mathematics just to bring about a sense of seriousness towards the importance of these subjects.

Taken by surprise at the mock test

The day ended on a warm note. We bid goodbye to the students, knowing that we were in a small way, able to make a difference in a day of their lives.

Ending the day with a bunch of smiles

How you can help

You can help them by providing them the following:
• They are in dire need to bookshelves and benches. They are using makeshift shelves.
• Extra pair of uniforms
• Slippers/shoes to wear
• Notebooks and stationary for the coming academic year
You can also volunteer to meet and spend time with these students and conduct workshop in painting, music, crafts etc.
Feel free to contact us at if any of this project interests you.