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Thursday, April 14, 2011

School Visit - Govt Lower Primary School, Nagasandra, Bangalore

It was a warm and sultry day, but we had our spirits intact as we walked into the government lower primary school in Nagasandra. From what we gathered the school was just one withering building with two classrooms. But the impoverished conditions of the school didn’t deter the smiles and cheers we were welcomed with when we entered the classroom.

Our aim as we walked into the classroom filled with about forty tiny tots was to give them one day of joy. Without wasting much time, we got into our job. First was a crafts workshop conducted by our volunteer for the day Somava Mandal. They were divided into groups of 5 and were taught easy ways to make  multicolored greeting cards using color papers. This was the first time that the they were working  with color papers and they turned out to be quick learners.

At the end of the hour each group had come up with a unique and colorful greeting card, which were all put up together in the class room.

This was followed by stationary distribution. Each student was given books, pencil boxes and crayons. The surprise and the smile that the gifts brought to the faces of the children was unfathomable; It would add a dash of fun to their summer holidays, it seemed to indicate.

 Tired from all the activity through the morning, the children were then treated to some sumptuous snacks. The event ended with a lot of cheer and joy and not to forget a group photograph.

Volunteer Testimonial : This was an overwhelming experience. To see their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn was heartwarming. I am looking forward to working with underprivileged children more often- Somava Mandal

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