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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Communication skill workshop for students from rural background

One of the major challenges faced by the youth of India is the quality of education in remote areas. We decided to counter this problem as part of our social initiatives. Therefore, as a pilot project we decided to conduct a set of training sessions (total 25 hours) in communication skills for students from the very remote villages around Bangarpet Taluk in the State of Karnataka. These students, numbering 7-12 in a class, would have studied in the local language and hence, lack fluency in English.The training aims to equip them with basic written and verbal communication in English, particularly to face typical scenarios such as resume-writing, interviews and group discussions. Classes will be held in the Govt lower primary school, Indranagar village, Bangarpet Taluk, Kolar Dist. Karanataka. The first session held on 31-07-2011 received a very good response and some teachers too showed interest in receiving training, in order to be able to teach their students better. 
Communication Skills Workshop - Session 1 with Bhumika Anand - Identifying the needs and deciding on the most suitable training modules.  Thanks to Bhumika Anand ( an expert in the field of training / communication skills, a passionate being to help someone in need) for the invaluable participation and support in structuring and conducting this session and sessions to come.

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