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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Toy Joy

This Christmas and New Year season bring joy to the lives of hundreds of underprivileged children.

Toys fill a unique space in a child's life. They are not just objects of entertainment in the lives of children, but are instruments that influence the young mind and bring a special joy. In the Christmas and New Year season in the month of December and January Vedic foundation conducted a toys drive to bring joy to 300+ underprivileged children.

As part of the drive we participated in an event conducted by the spastic society of karnataka in association with Chrysallis foundation to celebrate christmas with spastic children in Bangalore.
We contributed gifts for 200 children consisting of Plasticine modelling clay.

This drive has been a great success in motivating children to come to schools. The drive also aimed at reaching out to their mental spaces other than filling the school racks with toys. Toys occupy a very important space in a child’s life, especially in their growing years. Playing with interesting toys, sharing the toys and having the sense of enough toys to play with, opened up channel for a new set of interactions among children.

After playing with these toys we have come to know there is so much to know…” said Sneha from 5th standard when asked about her experiences.

Playing with the rubic cube has been the best brain teaser for me” added Sangeetha from 5th standard.

Slowly we could feel the wave of change approaching, children started to find more reasons to be at school, it is not only about academics and a “race” to make it big in the big world. It was not about being in the race, it became more about them as individuals. Though the problem of motivating a child to be part of the learning at school is still a hurdle but this drive certainly brought a fresh attitude to schooling. It was their enthusiasm to share, to talk, to do that brought them together, and through this learning was happening in its own pace in different children based on their capacities. Their capacities were respected and opportunities were provided accordingly.

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