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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Communication skill workshop for teachers

On a bright sunny morning, 40+ teachers who teach in remote schools attended a basic communication skill workshop with  special focus on how to communicate with children. 
 Learning how to properly communicate with children is essential for helping children learn  effective communication skills that will allow them to clearly and confidently express themselves, and it will also allow the teacher to maximize their teaching and the students learning experience by being able to communicate with the children in a manner that results in a positive and engaged response from the children.

 Some of the topics that we covered were, how to identify the feeling behind what children say or do, how to covey our feelings to them objectively without blaming them, how to provide simple and clear instructions, how to set limits and understand that discipline is not about controlling children or exercising authority or enforcing punishments, but with proper communication showing the children how to have self control.
   Children learn and communicate in a very different way than adults do.  Children learn best through activities, imagination, visual and spatial techniques.  They respond and grow much quicker when taught with positive reinforcement and are modeled by the teachers which behaviors that they are expected to exhibit.  It is not effective for a child if he/she is made to sit still and are taught through a system of punishment and repression.  
 Communication can either be verbal or non-verbal. Body language and facial expressions fall into the non-verbal communication category, and talking makes up verbal communication. Generally, positive communication through both verbal and nonverbal expression results in a positive response, while communicating negative things causes negative reactions.
Effective verbal communication builds trust and encourages children to speak their minds in an appropriate way. Being honest and respectful in communication aids the development of a good rapport between teacher and child,.   Everything rises and falls on the effectiveness of proper communication and it has the ability to confuse, clarify, encourage, instruct or teach. 
 This workshop with teachers received very positive response from the teachers and has opened the gateway to reach and enable children 20 more remote schools
We will be conducting more of these workshops in the coming academic year, experts in the field can volunteer by sharing their knowledge in shaping these workshop modules and also by participating in the workshops if they can.

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  1. Nice to note that Vedic foundation is doing good work, i work for Not-for-profit - American India Foundation Trust (AIFT) and look forward to participate in one of the training program as resource person... if there is a need, my expertise would be in 1.trends in education 2. Govt. initiatives 3. ICT in Education. CS Lalith Prasad -


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